14 Creative Wedding Guest Books

Gone are the days when your wedding guests sign on the lines of a true wedding guest book. That thing just lands on a shelf or in a box in your home collecting dust.
Now, wedding couples are choosing creative + useful ways to capture their guests’ signatures + well wishes for their marriage.
Check out these fun + creative ways to display your wedding guests in your home after the wedding is over.

#1 Serving Tray

Put a serving tray + Sharpies out for guests to sign as they enter your wedding reception. It makes a great display for a coffee table or for serving drinks, meals, or more to your new spouse or guests you have over to your home as a married couple.

#2 Jenga Pieces

Put out Jenga game pieces + Sharpies. Each guest can personalize a piece. You can assemble the pieces into a tower — as if you are playing the game — or use the pieces to create a new piece of art, such as a picture frame for your wedding photo.

#3 Map or Globe

Display a nice hardcover coffee table book of maps or destinations. Or put out a globe. Add markers. Ask wedding guests to sign on their favorite travel destination or give you travel advice.
You walk away with a travel bucket list for you + your spouse.

#4 Thumbprint Tree

Have a print of a tree (hand-drawn, painted, or printed) on canvas or some type of paper display. Have each guest use paint + their thumbprint to create a “leaf” on the tree. You can frame it for display in your home after the wedding.

#5 Puzzle Pieces

Have one of your photos as a couple turned into a puzzle. Separate the pieces + leave them for guests to sign. Have them sign the front of the puzzle piece so the sentiments are visible when the puzzle is assembled.
You can also display the puzzle assembled so when people write on the pieces, they don’t write over your faces, etc.

#6 Quilt

Supply your wedding guests with quilt pieces + fabric markers to sign. Later, you or a quilter you know can assemble the pieces into a quilt. You can display the quilt or use it on one of the beds in your home.

#7 Music Albums

Especially if you + your spouse-to-be are musically inclined, use old vinyl record albums as your guest book or books. If you have guests sign on one side of the album, you can frame + hang the records on the wall — just like Grammy Award winners!
Guests can use special marker pens to leave their sentiments.

#8 Scrabble Game

Have guests sign + leave their messages on the pieces of a Scrabble Game. Every time you + your spouse play the game in the future, you can read all of the well-wishes + love notes from your family + friends.

#9 Typewriter Messages

Rent a vintage typewriter (or haul yours out of storage). Provide pretty sheets of paper + envelopes for your guests to type out their messages to you on the old vintage typewriter.

#10 Stones

Offer up a basket of pretty stones + marker pens. Each guest can write/decorate their stone. You can put a clear glaze over each stone after the wedding so the stones can be placed in an outdoor garden. You can also use them indoors.

#11 Dictionary Guest Book

Place a dictionary + pens/markers on the guest sign-in table. Have each guests circle a word in the dictionary that represents your love for each other, your wedding day or something meaningful to you.

#12 Wine Corks

Save those wine corks for your special day. Have wedding guests sign a cork. Later, you can display the corks in a vase, clear bowl or arrange it in the shape of the first letter of your last name.

#13 Plate or Serving Dish

If you have your wedding guests sign a specialty plate or serving dish, you’re reminded of your wedding day when hosting events + parties in your home. You can also put a specialty plate or serving dish on display in your dining room cabinet or other area in your home.

#14 Mad Libs

Remember mad libs when you were a kid? If not, it was a book of pre-written stories. Words are intentionally left out of the stories, replaced with a blank line + the type of word that the reader should include (verb, noun, adverb, pronoun, etc.). Mad libs style guest sign-in sheets can be entertaining for your guests to complete and entertaining for you and your new spouse to read later. You can view a sample of a Mad Lib guest sheet to get an idea of what to write for your own.

What do plan to do for your wedding guest book?

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