3 Ways to Avoid Being a Bridezilla While You’re Planning Your Wedding

Brides tend to make a big mistake when it comes to their wedding day. Many think that it is all about them. They think it is their day + they can do whatever they want. While you are a big part of your big day, your wedding is really about you + your groom. It is about saying your vows to spend the rest of your life with the person you love.

Ways to Get Rid of Stress + Get it Together

Stress is the name of the game when planning a wedding. After all, it is important to you, to your groom + to your families. It doesn’t mean you have to turn into a yelling, screaming + crying freak show (I mean, nobody wants to see that). Instead, take a deep breath + keep these tips in mind to avoid turning into a monster bride (aka Bridezilla).

#1 Spend Time with Friends

Spend some much needed time with your friends. Make the wedding taboo as far as conversation topics are concerned. Instead, spend time talking about what is going on in their lives or catching up on your favorite gossip. Even if these are friends that are a part of your wedding, avoid having every get together + every conversation you have with them center around your wedding.

Spend Time with Your Significant Other

Devote the same time + rules to your significant other. Spend one night a week together or schedule “date night.” Avoid talking about the wedding. Do something fun that you enjoy together.

Whether it is staying in to watch a new flick or riding your bikes through the local park. While there are numerous items on your to-do list, stressing out over them doesn’t help you to get them done + it doesn’t help the status of your relationship while you’re on your wedding-planning journey.

Approaching your list after a relaxing evening with your love helps you put things in perspective + check even more items off your list.

Step Out of the Center of Attention

Demanding everyone’s time + attention is not the way to go down the path to being a nice bride. While you have your life + things going on in it—namely, the wedding—so do your friends + family members. Avoid becoming a total diva where everything is about you, your life + your wedding.

Call your grandma on her birthday + don’t mention anything about yourself or the wedding planning. Talk only about her, what’s going on in her life + what she has planned for her big day. Do something nice for your bridesmaids, just because. Remember that life isn’t all about you just because you are getting married.

 Take a Deep Breath

Whenever you feel yourself getting all amped up about the wedding, stop, take a deep breath + relax. Count to 10 while you breathe in j+ out. Once you calm down, things tend to look a lot better + you can calmly get through your next task with terrorizing the people you love + that love you.

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