5 Ways To Enjoy Your Wedding Day

It’s your wedding day + you want to enjoy every minute of it. Whether you’ve been planning this day for months or your entire life, you should get to enjoy it to its fullest. Here are 5 ways to stay present in the moment + keep stress at bay on your wedding day.

#1 Hire a Coordinator

You can plan your wedding on your own. It’s your prerogative. Consider hiring a wedding coordinator for your wedding day.

Most coordinators offer a “month of” management package so he or she starts working with approximately a month out from your wedding date.

He or she gathers all of the details, copies of contracts, vendor info, etc. from you + then helps you to coordinate to the finish line, which in this case is the reception exit.
He or she will be there on your wedding day to oversee the entire event from beginning to end.

What is more stress free than that?

#2 Make Time for Just the Two of You

When you are creating the wedding timeline, make sure to schedule in a little time for just the two of you in between the wedding ceremony + the reception. If you decide to do a “first look” then you can make this part of some alone time.

Your wedding day is going to go by so fast. Scheduling even 20-30 minutes alone with your new spouse (or spouse-to-be) on your wedding day can go a long way in reducing stress + help you to enjoy the moment.

#3 Don’t Be a Bridezilla

Nobody likes a mean girl, so be nice. Yes, it is your day, but it doesn’t give the right to be mean. Be gracious and kind. A happy bride enjoys her day more than an angry one.

#4 Eat

Make it a point to sit down and eat before the ceremony and during the reception. The last thing you or your groom need to do is pass out.

Eat a breakfast and/or lunch that is high in protein. Take five to 10 minutes to sit and enjoy your meal during the reception.

If you find yourself at a loss of time to eat, ask the caterer to pack your food to go, so you can eat it when you are back in your hotel room or wherever you are spending your wedding night. You painstakingly chose the food, so you certainly have a right to enjoy it!

#5 Reflect on Your Day Together

Again, your wedding day is going to be a whirlwind day. I have never heard a bride or groom complain about how long the day was + how slowly it went by.
It’s usually quite the opposite.

At the end of the evening, before you go to sleep, spend some time together reflecting on the day. Share stories about what happened while you were getting ready. Talk about the wedding ceremony. Chat about the reception. Start opening gifts + cards together.

If you took pictures with your phone, scroll them together.

Your wedding day is a happy day. Take the steps down the aisle you need to take to make it memorable in a good way + remove as much stress as possible from the day.

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I’m Kristie McCauley, a former certified wedding planner + lover of wedding planning. I share tips, advice + how-tos with brides + grooms that are planning their own weddings. Check out The Wedding Workshop, a self-paced course that walks couples step-by-step through the process of planning their own wedding.

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