6 Roles Special Family Members + Friends Can Play in Your Wedding

Some of the most common but important roles of your wedding ceremony (besides brides + grooms, anyway) are the bridesmaids, groomsmen + ushers. But is that all there is?

The short answer is no.

You can involve lots of special people in your wedding festivities without limiting yourself to the more traditional bridesmaids, groomsmen + ushers.

Here are a few options to get you started.

Wedding Ceremony Help

Host + hostesses greet guests as they arrive to the wedding site + hand out wedding programs. The ushers then guide the guests to their seats. At the reception, a hostess can help guests place their wedding gifts on the gift table. You can also ask this hostess to take the gifts from the wedding reception to the bride or groom’s home or to one of their parents’ homes.

Guest Book Help

Someone can make sure that every guest signs the guest book. If you’re having a candy or sweets table, someone can help to make sure that the sweets stay stock, neat + tidy throughout the reception.

Seating Help

If you’re having a sit down dinner with assigned seats, one or two special guests can help guests find their table/seats.

Photo Help

Ask a few friends with digital cameras to take photos as the evening progresses. The photos can be printed onsite + then pinned to a bulletin board covered with white fabric + trimmed in your wedding colors. Guests can peruse the board + take home their favorite snapshots. Since the photos are digital you’ll still have your own copies.

Just make sure that your friend photographers do not get in the way of the professional photographer you’ve hired to capture your wedding + that they don’t interrupt the natural flow of the event.

Social Media Help

Assign someone to update the bride and groom’s Facebook pages as the wedding progresses. Friends + family members that are not able to attend can still be involved + engaged in the wedding. Do the same for Instagram + Twitter, if you wish. 

If you have special friends + family but don’t want or need them to be a bridesmaid, groomsmen or usher, there are still plenty of other important roles you can assign to them for your wedding day.

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