7 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Expenses

Being frugal + being cheap are two different approaches to planning your wedding. You can take a frugal approach so that you find inexpensive ways to create the look you want or serve the food you want without making the decor or menu look cheap.

Check out these 7 ways to cut your wedding expenses while still being able to host the wedding you want.

#1 Exchange Gift for Help

Take advantage of the talent that your friends + family members have. Put their talents to work for your wedding. Have them assemble invitations or make favors, decorate the wedding or reception venue. Their time + talent can be their gift to you instead of a monetary or tangible gift.

#2 Plan, Plan + Then Plan Some More

Plan for each + every detail of your wedding. Plan for everything + plan as far in advance as you can. Planning can save you the big bucks. You can lock into vendor pricing ahead of time, before they raise the prices for a new season or a new year. You also won’t have to pay any rush fees for last-minute items.

#3 Keep it in the Family

Hire your favorite local restaurant to cater the event. Family-owned + operated restaurants can provide some of the yummiest food at prices that are a lot less expensive than hiring a wedding caterer. Inquire about what their pricing includes (such as delivery, pickup + tableware).

#4 Save as a Group

Take advantage of group discounts. If the groomsmen, ushers + fathers, for example, are renting tuxes or suits, then have them all do it at the same time so the groom gets his for free + everyone else receives a group discount on their rentals. When it comes to your bridal party, buy or rent what you need as a group. Tux shops often offer group discounts for tuxedo rentals. Some even offer the groom a free tux when a minimum amount of his groomsmen and others from the wedding )fathers) rent their tuxes from the same store.

#5 Be a Minimalist

Minimalism is in, right? When it comes to the flowers + décor, opt to go simple. Choose one-stem flower bouquets for your bridesmaids. Trade the huge, tall centerpieces at the reception for small, low + simple arrangements in a pretty dish, vase, or container instead.

#6 Hire Students

Hire budding musicians from your local college or university. While you still pay them for their time, it’s much less expensive than hiring a professional band. The students are able to do some work for their portfolio + make some extra cash. Check out any references they have + listen to them play at another event or some live performance to make sure that their style jives with what you’re looking for your wedding.

#7 Turn to the Church Ladies

Church ladies are in the know! Most churches have a women’s auxiliary. If your wedding ceremony is taking place in a church, ask these ladies for help. Many of these women volunteer their time helping to plan + setup for wedding ceremonies. In other words, this is not their first nor last wedding. They can come up with great ideas (that can save you money) since nobody knows the church better than they do.

Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

You can plan + have your dream wedding without busting through your budget. Use one or all of these money-saving tips to help you out.

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